Good Grief

Between wordless sobs the soul cries out,

Grant them eternal rest, O Lord,

And prays despite a haunting doubt

Let perpetual light shine on them.

Yet for us, the living who remain

To mourn the loss, to feel the pain,

To bear the shock, to question why

In God's great plan they had to die,

There is no peace, no rest, no light

Nothing but an endless night.

When we, defeated by the truth,

Surrender to death's other face,

Robbed of innocence and youth,

No power on earth can e'er replace,

Only in this, our darkest hour

Can we truly hope to find

among the tears God's healing power,

Among our fears, true peace of mind,

That simple faith to save our soul

That perfect love to make us whole.

Against the sadness and the sorrow

With every ounce of faith confessing

Hope for a better life tomorrow

In our mourning we find blessing!

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