Good Morning, God!

Good morning, God.

Good morning, morning. Thank you for this day.

Thank you for life, for the love of living,

for your Spirit's empowering ways.

I praise You and give glory to You

through all your images and names.

Thank you for yesterday,

for the good your love accomplished

in my life and in the universe.

Forgive my faults and failings.

Forgive my participation

in the sin of global injustice

and systemic inequities.

Speak to me and through me the word

You would have me speak to others,

and help me receive and believe the word

You speak through others to me.

I offer you all that I am and do

for your mission and your ministries

in service of your people

and for the healing of your planet.

Holy your compassionate presence.

Holy your manifest images.

Holy your manifold names.

that I might see your path for me

and be substantially changed.

Our Mother, our Father,

on earth and in heaven,

give us today sufficient bread

to make it through tomorrow,

and fill everyone everywhere

with the fullness of shalom.

As I enter into communion this day

with all your children, all creation,

let me nourish and be nourished

nurture and be nurtured,

bless and be a blessing.

Help me know and understand

That everything that comes my way

is You blessing me. Amen.

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