Dear friends of Jesus Our Shepherd

Dear friends of Jesus Our Shepherd,

Our faith community is leaving the church building in Nenno that has served us since our beginnings 14 years ago. Our last Eucharist there will take place Sunday, August 31st at 9:30am.

Our new location will be at the Faith Haven chapel on County Road WW, about two miles north of Highway 33 and a mile south of Highway D. The change was discussed and voted upon by those attending our August community meeting. It was determined by the changes our community has undergone in recent years.

Faith Haven chapel is of contemporary design, easily accessible for both elderly and handicapped people. It is built overlooking an awe-inspiring landscape, easily accommodates 40 or more people, has a dining area and fully equipped kitchen on the lower level, restrooms on both levels and an elevator for people who find stairs difficult. In addition, our contract stabilizes our costs at a relatively inexpensive level.

On Sunday, September 7th we have scheduled our annual JOS “Tent Liturgy” and parish picnic at the Lake Sinnissippi home of Tom & Linda Schmidt, 5137 Butternut Ct. in Juneau. (For further information, call 262.673.6071!)

Our first Eucharist Liturgy at Faith Haven chapel will be Sunday, September 14, 2014 at 9:30am. The chapel is located on the east side of County Road WW. A sign reads “Chapel Entrance.” Follow the winding narrow road up to the chapel at the top of the hill. We will continue to gather there each Sunday afterward. We invite you to visit us at our new home, knowing that your presence honors us all.


The people of Jesus Our Shepherd

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