Children of The Light

Children of the Light
Fourth Sunday of Lent – March 11, 2018
Rev. Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg

This week I saw something out of the ordinary. I was coming home at 6:00 A.M.
after taking my grandson to work. It was dark and the traffic was heavy. In
the distance I saw two bright lights on the side of the road. These lights
were moving and shaking. Also these lights were very, very bright and
unexpected. When I slowed down at the site of the lights I realizedthat a
that a man was walking to work at the edge of the highway. God bless the man
for wanting to get to work, by walking with lights at the edge of the road,
illuminating himself in such a wonderful way that oncoming cars would see him.
These two flashing lights gave motorists a very, very clear understanding that
he was there. These bright, bright, lights reminded me that God shines so
brightly around us every day.

I am remembering the second reading of today. It says that we should live as
“children of the light.” Take no part in darkness. It is very clear to me
that we often can see the Light of God clearly. We know very well when we
are being called to do because of God's guidance.

There might be a problem for us however. God might be directing us to
forgive someone. Or, God might be asking us to do something for ourselves
that might be difficult.

For me, God has been asking that I take better care of myself by eating better
and doing more exercise. What do you think God is asking you to do?

What are we to do when the call of God is very strong and the light is very
intense? We have choices to make. Should we move forward ever so slowly to
follow the Light of God and follow God's call? We also have the choice to
ask for more direction from God on how we should proceed. We also have the
option to do nothing at all.

I have another story by Elena Huegel about light that is much different.
A woman was at home when a strong earthquake shook her house. She was able
to get her four year old daughter from the second floor as her walls began to
fall down around her. She also was able to bring out her 85 year old
mother-in-law to a place in the house that was still standing. The three
huddled together in the remains of the house but were trapped inside. Then they
noticed a small light around them. Then another, then another, and then another.
Fireflies were everywhere! Never had the family seen so much light. These
fireflies were flying around, flying in between them, and these wonderful lights
were all around them. When the neighbors came to help, everyone saw the miracle
of light. “They discovered the fireflies were all the neighborhood bringing joy
and hope.”This source of Light was brilliant and unexpected. This source of
Light was unexpected and not a brilliant stream was unexpected and not a
brilliant stream of Light as in the first story I told. Yet Light was there and
god sent hope.

Maybe you are in a situation where the Light of God is not bright and constant.
Perhaps the firefly lights were very intermittent. What should we do in a
situation where the Light of God is not bright and constant? What should we do?
Maybe we/I are in a situation where
the Light is not bright and constant. Walk with god Little Steps to the Light.

Be patient. Ask for more fireflies. Ask for direction. Ask for hope. Ask for
direction to see what we can do.

“Live as children of the Light for Light produces everything of goodness.”

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