Hearing God Speak

Samuel listened to God but did not understand it was God who was speaking. He heard these messages in his head and knew something wonderful speaking. He asked his mentor and friend, Eli, who was speaking three times. Eli told Samuel to go back to bed until – suddenly – Eli knew that it was God speaking.

Have you ever heard a message from God either audible or inaudible? I would be very surprised and even a bit frightened if I heard God speak the same thing over and over.

Forty two years ago I heard a message from God and I believed it. There was an organization in the fringe of the Catholic faith called the Women's Ordination. It was a group that asked the question if women were being called to the priesthood. A friend of mine, Rick, a Roman Catholic priest heard about and encouraged me to attend.

This invitation became real in my mind. I knew, I really knew that God was inviting me to go to Baltimore, Maryland in November of 1976. This was unheard of. A married woman with two children from a small town was being asked by God to state her intentions publicly and go to this conference.

In my living room, I asked Ed, my husband, if he thought that it would be alright to go. He looked at me and said with great astonishment on his face that it was fine with him and he would watch the children if I wanted to go. He also said, “What do you expect? Dollar bills to fall down from the ceiling?”

I was working part time as a substitute teacher and had no extra money to go there. We had many bills. On Friday, I received an envelope in the mail with no return address. Inside was a piece of paper with a scripture verse and $15.00. At the time, $15 was a lot of money. The next Friday, I received another plain envelope with a scripture verse and another $15.00. My husband said with great excitement that I had better get my plane ticket. Every Friday, Ed would walk through the door and inquire if another envelope arrived. Sure enough I received $100 in total.

My friend suggested that I write to the organization called WOC (Women's Ordination Conference) to see if they had scholarships money available. I did and received a full scholarship. A woman called in September and asked if I needed a place to sleep while attending the conference.

I took a plane, I went to the conference, and I responded to God's call.

My motto and strong strong belief is – if god can get me to Baltimore, Maryland, God can do anything.

Over the years, I have heard and I am sure you have heard God speaking to you. God often and regularly speaks to me in inaudible messages when I am to do something.

This wind chime is my way of reminding myself that God speaks often, quietly, sometimes, loudly as the chime ring unexpectedly and often if we remember to expect the ring.

As the wind chime rings unexpectedly, we can expect God to catch us often. Through practice and trust, we will be able to hear God's word with explicit instructions on how to react to God's word. It takes trust and practice and a gift of listening that will enable us to be aware that God can speak to us at any time.

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