Trust in Jesus

A glorious story today: Lazarus is raised from the dead and comes out of the tomb. Also, Jesus becomes fully aware that he is God and is human. In Bethany, the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus, Jesus experienced a miracle that, yes, indeed he was human and divine. He raised his dear friend from the dark tomb that enclosed Lazarus.

Today, I am going to talk about what it means to be in a virtual tomb and how it would feel to get out. Sometimes in life, we might feel that we might be in a tomb of disappointment and despair. What might we do to get out of the blackness when we are depressed, lonely, over-burdened and discouraged? We may feel that we are in the black tomb. Others may feel that they are in a dark black tomb. It is not of their own doing, but because of discouraging events and circumstances that often come without warning.

Maybe sickness of a family member causes us to wonder if we will ever see the light of day. Sometimes, the buildup of stressors and problems an we are filled with continual despair and darkness. Usually it is that the stressors are building up and we do not realize that the quiet and darkness has over come us. The tomb builds up around us, brick by brick, and the light around us becomes fainter and fainter.

May of us pray to Jesus to help us roll the stone away or help the bricks loosen and the light will come in.

Do all of us believe that Jesus can hep us? Maybe, instead of praying we might curl up in a ball. Other people might pray and pray and pray to Jesus, or God, or the Holy Spirit for short times until our energy ran out. Others might pray unceasingly day and night and ask that the tomb surrounding us will start having slivers of light. Others would begin to hear the prayers of others through the thick wall. Some of the brick would start loosening because of the deafening noise of the people praying for us in the tomb. Light would start coming into the tomb because of the loud vibrations of the loud praying of our friends and community

This is why we must pray for neighbors, the oppressed who feel that they are often struggling to live. Our prayers will knock down barriers. One day we might wake up and see light coming as though bright sunshine. We might begin to feel a strong breeze and fresh air coming into the tomb of darkness.

Jesus has been outside/or inside while we have been in that darkness of the tomb around us. Jesus has been helping all of us shoulder whatever burden that has us bent over. Jesus has been at our side all the time while we have been in the darkness. Jesus has been helping us shoulder whatever burden that has had us bent over. Jesus has been in the noise, the prayers, and petitions when we pray.
Our task, the, is to lead for others, petition and pray for others who feel that they are a tomb (large or small) of despair or are afraid.

Jesus is our Savior. Be not Afraid!

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