Joy, Joy, Joy

It is Easter Sunday – and we rejoice! Most of your homes have Easter lilies, baskets, sign of Spring everywhere.

If you listened to the Gospel carefully, the disciples were not feeling the joy we are experiencing today. We, as Christians, have centuries of the Good News that, because Jesus had vanished and was gone from the tomb, we would have eternal life. It took the disciples some time to realize that.

Today in the Gospel, the followers of Jesus were terrified their friend, Jesus, had died, and now he was gone from the tomb. They could not find even his body. It took the disciples time to realize the significance of today and to find the brilliant Joy that we now can feel!

We, too, are not always filled with joy. Experiences in our lives can be discouraging and fearful. Moments of joy can be few and far between. It is easier to stay with Jesus and trust when things are going well. It is easier to get discouraged and to abandon Jesus when things are not going our way.

I believe that the quality of our life is being faithful to God's message of hope. If we can find joy in little things, eventually our discouragement will pass and we will find daily joy in big things and everyday life.

I remember my grandmother, Annie. She and my grandfather were very poor. Yet they raised five children, including my mother, Mabel, during hard times. In her small kitchen was a root cellar. She would open a trap door and go into a storage room filled with canned food, potatoes, and other food stuff from her garden. I remember her joy when she able to find a jar of canned tomatoes she needed for dinner. Finding the right jar gave her great joy. She could feed her family. For my grandma, joy was simple and God was there.

Finding joy in small things is a way to experience God. Having the faith and trust that Gold will give us the guidance to go forth and experience a joy. Sometimes it means looking at the small things in life and appreciating them. I remember when a robin's nest fell out of the birdhouse and we rigged up a plastic crate to nail on the garage. Just the other day, I found a ring from my mother in a small plastic bag. It was a great joy.

Giving joy to others can be a great way of sharing Jesus with others. Can we stand up for the disabled, the elderly, young children with confidence?

I just heard about a car mechanic in Texas that fixes cars for people that are down on their luck. With two churches and extra mechanics, the cars are fixed free of charge.

All of us can bring joy to others in our own special way.

Spread the Joy of Jesus!

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