Love your Enemies

Bad decisions come back to you.
Good decisions come back to bless you.

This is a difficult Sunday to preach. God is calling us to look at our own behavior and change. God says love your enemies and pray for them. Sometimes it seems an impossible thing to do.

I was thinking of the times that are the most difficult. These seem to be the times that someone has hurt us deeply or has hurt our family. Perhaps the hurt was so great that years later we have not recovered.

High school is a difficult time for many people. Some kids are cruel, mean, and just nasty. I came from a country school and did not know anyone at the big high school. Because I was naive and scared, students often picked on me or ignored me. The idea of praying for them was never in the picture. Now, as adults, we hear the Gospel asking us to pray for the students who wittingly or unwittingly make our lives difficult. When we look inside of ourselves we still may be harboring grudges and not realize it. God asks that we must erase any grudges from our heart. Can you stop for a moment and think of any students, teachers that have hurt us? It is time to let go of the anger, embarrassment that still remains within us. Let God's healing love flow over the people who have hurt us and have that love of God surround them with peace. Also, ask that God's love surround you until the remembrance is muted or destroyed. It might take years of asking but we must follow God's plan.

Funerals and deaths of loved ones can often be another time when hurt feelings may occur. Maybe someone was left out of the will. Maybe someone was not consulted for plans for the funeral. Maybe a step family has difficulty reconciling. When terrible things are said or continue into the present and show no signs of stopping. This is the time we need to step up to the plate and pray for those who are persecuting us. Sit down and ask God to help us to forgive. We need to ask over and over and over until the desire to forgive someone becomes a reality. Maybe a long time will have to go by until we have the desire to forgive. Forgiveness is possible – it will surely come. Sometimes – sometimes we need to forgive our selves. We maybe made unfortunate decisions in our lives that have caused others and ourselves much pain. What we need to do is to ask God for forgiveness and then start loving ourselves and being kind to ourselves. We need to be like children dancing again in the Great Parents presence and remember that we are loved children again. We will experience a love and peace that we have not felt in a long time.

You are always healed and forgiven when we ask. Be children of your heavenly Mother for the sun will rise on you.

Bad decisions come back to haunt you. Good decisions come back to bless you.

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