Bringing in the Seeds

I love to watch my flowers grow and flourish in my garden. They are planted because they remind me of my loved ones and the particular beauty they bring me. Each one is strategically placed so I can watch its progress and the special knowing that I am not alone.

I do not know how good a farmer I would be. In today’s Gospel there is a farmer that knows. This farmer plants the seed, goes to sleep, and awakes and the seed has sprouted. This must be how God plants the seeds and the wisdom for us to enjoy.

Last month I was watching a series of an Alaskan family preparing ground to make additional pasture land. It was more work than I could have ever imagined. Stones, brushes and stumps had to be removed so the land lay flat. Then the farmer took his tractor and plowed the land. He then used an attachment to make the ground somewhat smooth. He and his wife each took a large bag of grass seed and began throwing the seed on the ground. It took her much practice to be able to throw the seed out in front of her to cover the prepared ground. After the seed was sown they just had to wait until the next year to see if the pasture would be fit for their horses to graze and develop. I remember I related to the woman throwing out the seed because as hard as she tried she could not get the right gesture for distributing the seed in just the right way. It was if she was trying too hard. Each of us tries, in different ways, to prepare the way for our loved ones so that life is easier and they will know the way of life God wants them to live. The pasture became fully seeded with hope in God nourishment for their livestock would help the whole family grow in goodness and favor with God.

I always look for ways to nourish others with kind words, suggestions, actions that will make their lives easier and to help others, especially my loved ones, grow in the love of God. All of you are much like me. We stand to help others, and nurture one another as God continues to nurture us. When it comes to our families each one of us is like the seed coming to fruition when we water, encourage, and help those among us stand taller and wiser. God’s seeds give us great joy when we can hand them on the people we love. God’s seed was given freely to us and we want to hand out the fruits of the seed to the ones we love.

Perhaps you were raised in a family where kind words and actions were not readily available. It was not that your family did not love you but because of your family’s background or family system, complements were few and far between.

It could seem as though you were raised alone and not appreciated for who you were. My grandmother was German and never expressed affection for family members. Consequentially, my mother never expressed a great deal of emotion and affection towards my brother and myself. She loved us but was unsure of how to express it.

Over the many years I have been around I have used this story of the farmer sowing the seeds to see things I have not seen before. Now, I look for and treasure the good things around me and hold on tightly to the good affirmations that I now receive. Sometimes I even write down the good news from the good seed that God planted to remind me that even if I do not hear the news I want to hear at the time, God has given me the wisdom through others or through the written word to help me remember that God is harvesting the good word that God has spread out for me. This helps me remember to continue to have hope and courage to go on in spite of difficulties.

We all know that the harvest is ready at different times and in different ways. It is God that has sowed the seed and it is God that will give us the answers that we need. There has been much seed thrown and much seed continues to given to us. It is God that gives us and others what we need. Do not give up heart but continue spread the seed of God to others and God will show us the love that is directed to us and the world.

The harvest is come. The harvest is continuing. The harvest is yet to come.

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