Our Mother the Shepherd

I read a true story about a child, six months old, who had an unexpected stroke. She was closely monitored for several weeks because her blood pressure was high. Her mom asked that she be able to hold her daughter in her arms for a while. When she first held her, the blood pressure slowly began lowering. The baby knew her mom's voice and her BP became normal. She knew her parent's voice and relaxed. Her healing had begun.

This is what is what happens when the shepherd calls his sheep. They come because they know the voice of the one that takes care of them. The shepherd leads her flock in sickness, danger, and whenever there is a need. I believe that we can legitimately compare a parent, in this case, a Mother, to a shepherd who takes wonderful care of the young in the flock. Somehow the mother knows what their children needs and takes care of them all of the time even though it gets tough.

In the Jesus story the shepherd walks ahead of the flock and leads them to the food and water they need. The parent, the mother, is always leading the child to the physical needs but also the leading the child to the spiritual needs of her child. It has always been this way. One generation always leads the next. The parent sees the open gate and leads the child through the gate. It is a great privilege and a great responsibility. The mother and father see to it that their child might have life and have it more abundantly.

If you have been unfortunate to not have a parent shepherd that did not call your name or watch out for you, Mother's Day or Father's Day can be a difficult time. It is not too late to look to Jesus, the Good Shepherd. The parent Shepherd will help you, love you, lead you in the right direction and shepherd you. We all need help along the way. Just ask.

We all can be shepherds of children or adults that need love and guidance. In helping others we allow others not to be captured by thieves and robbers. By helping others to go through the right gate we will help others to have life more abundantly.

A small way to help others, especially the young lambs is to donate to children's foundations that help when they are young. A good one to donate to is: The Smile Train. This helps fix deformed faces due to cleft palates. A small donation would be appreciated.

Another way to help the young lambs is to make sure they are safe. Three weeks ago, over three hundred girls in Nigeria were kidnapped because they were attending school. The rebels want girls to remain uneducated to keep power over them. This kidnapping is so distressing that many hundreds of thousands of people are working politically to find them and stop this vicious leader. Keep reading about this tragedy and begin to pray that this situation will be ended.

Be ready to be a gate keeper for the sheep and young lambs. This will mean that we need to become more aware of life around us and be willing to step in to help when help is needed but not found.

The Good Shepherd has called us here today to be more aware of the needs of ourselves and the needs of others. Just listen carefully, very carefully and be willing to act.

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