Why Are We Here?

We are here to renew a presence in this sacred place made holy by the gifts and sacrifices of previous generations of faith-filled people. We envision a Eucharist-centered community built upon openness to the Spirit rather than obedience to church rules and canon law, upon responsible and responsive leadership of all the baptized rather than mandates and directives imposed by clerical authorities. We welcome people warmly as Jesus did and hope to recognize people’s needs and utilize our unique gifts. We want to mature into a community responding ever more generously and effectively to the promptings of the Spirit within us.

This faith community has truly enriched my life. We are an all-inclusive community that wholeheartedly supports a married priesthood. Our co-pastors serve us well. Their multiple unique talents provide real substance. Several come a considerable distance. They bring to us expanded educational degrees and refuse remuneration. They speak of their “day jobs” and their wives provide extensive support. Our community embraces them as they embrace us.

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