Who Belongs?

Everyone belongs! Openness is our policy. There is no parish registration process. All are welcome to gather, pray and worship with us, to share the Communion Meal, to become what we are called to be: a Spirit-inspired people. We embrace no particular theology to the exclusion of others, knowing that human concepts and words about God are always finitely compromised. We do not consider Communion to be a reward for the “saintly” in our midst or a confirmation of our orthodoxy. Rather we claim that Christianity may be best described as “one beggar telling another beggar where the bread can be found” and we believe Communion should be available to everyone as Jesus’ marvelous gift of sustenance for our life journey.

We recently had a Healing Mass. My oldest son is divorcing, and this is very hard on his own son and daughter. My granddaughter is 12 and struggling. My grandson is 14 and is keeping emotions pent up and wont discuss it. I fear what might happen if he doesn’t vent his pain. I suggested he go forward for the healing ritual but he refused. Yet when all the other parishioners had been anointed and the healing ministers were anointing each other, my grandson surprised me by moving forward for his own anointing. The priest anointed his forehead and ministering health professionals anointed his hands with accompanying prayers and hugs. He came back to his grandma’s arms. I know he will deal better with whatever now happens.

We respect and honor all in our community, acknowledging their religious beliefs and sensitivities. Imposing no particular dogmas from on high, we embrace the Gospel of Jesus in its entirety. We walk a familiar journey with Jesus through suffering and death to resurrection. We recognize diverse paths and multiple stages on this journey; yet we all share the search for more meaningful lives.

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