Who Are We?

We are an independent faith community celebrating God’s life among and within us. We honor life in all its variety and circumstances. We believe we are called by faith to fashion a world of peace and justice. We come to the Table Fellowship begun by Jesus at the Last Supper to be nourished by God’s Word in Gospel and Communion and by our community gathering in prayer.

We are a Gospel-based, diverse, inclusive, Eucharist community committed to Jesus’ message of unconditional love and to our call to model and reflect that love in word and deed. In baptism we receive the Spirit and pledge to live the full Gospel of compassion and thankfulness, forgiveness and peace. By diverse, we mean we are enriched by each other’s gifts of age and personality, life experience and wisdom. By inclusive, we mean we welcome all, no matter where we stand on our human journey, the challenges we face or the denominational labels we wear.

We came from different Christian backgrounds and after thirty years of marriage, we are finally able to take Eucharist together because here all are welcome at the Table. We feel we have an equal membership. If we are unable to attend liturgy, we feel a void. The priests and members of this community provide the warmth of the early Catholic Church that has disappeared over the years. We are proud to call ourselves “Inclusive Catholics.”

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