Where Are You Located And How Can We Contact You?

We encourage you to contact our pastor directly: Jesus the Christ. He lives in your hearts and is readily available through prayer and reflection 24/7.

We gather at Faith Haven Chapel located at 7490 County WW in the Town of West Bend, Wisconsin, two and a half miles north of Highway 33 in  Washington County. Our business office and postal address is 1162 Saint Kilian Parkway, Hartford, WI 53027. Visit us at our website: www.jesusourshepherd.org for notice of parish events, the schedule of services and presiders, homilies, news, seasonal reflections, poems and a map for driving directions.

You may contact our priests in person before or after the 9:30AM Sunday Liturgy at church, or by postal mail, phone or email (see below):

Rev. Frank & Anna Baiocchi at 1162 St. Kilian Parkway, Hartford, Wi. 53027; contact 262.673.6071 or frankbaiocchi@hotmail.comabaiocchi@hotmail.com
Rev. Robert & Judith Weiss (May through October) & Judith Weiss at P.O. Box 700234 Oostburg WI 53070; contact 920.668.8975 robert.weiss@verizon.net
Rev. Kathy Vandenberg at 326 N. Greenfield Ave, Waukesha WI 53186; contact 262.547.5665 PastorKSV@aol.com

To best explain, I borrow a line from “Amazing Grace”: “Once I was lost but now I’m found.” There was a time I felt I could no longer be a part of the traditional Catholic Church. I quit going. As time went by, I felt a void that continued to grow. I saw an ad in a local newspaper that said something about “feeling disconnected and looking for something better,” so I tried JOS. At first I was unsure, but now I know this is a place of love, a place where Jesus is always the main focus whether in the greetings as you enter, the message expressed during Mass, or the bond we all feel and share during fellowship.

Too much doctrine and not enough Spirit can lead one on a very discouraging journey. The message gets lost. There is no nourishment! When I walked through the doors here some years ago, I knew I had found my “nourishing place.” The Spirit is alive here—loving, living, breathing, forgiving, accepting, healing. You can feel it as soon as you’re welcomed inside. All are welcome at the Table here—no matter where you are on your faith journey or your life journey. No exclusions! I never consider it an “obligation” to attend Mass at JOS; I consider it a joy. I can question, I can doubt, I can praise and worship God in an atmosphere that is not immersed in doctrine, rules or guilt; and I am surrounded by people who share similar ideals, who are more concerned about living the Gospel than about simply reciting prayers or “fulfilling their Sunday obligation.”

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