What Does It Cost?

Unlike most parishes, we have no annual pledges, no monthly envelope system, no weekly dues. We do not require a particular percentage of people’s income. The basket money collected during our liturgies is used to support outreach ministries, to pay church rent, heat and utilities and to purchase necessary office and church supplies. The priests on staff receive no compensation for their ministries. Parish finances are reported monthly and are available upon request.

This is the first church I’ve ever gone to that does not reflect prejudice of one kind or another. I look forward to Sunday mornings. It used to be I couldn’t wait to get out of church!

We were appalled with the manner in which the hierarchy of the church handled the pedophile problem. Also we deeply regret the church leaders’ refusal to change in regard to optional celibacy and women priests. Then we heard about JOS and began attending Sunday Liturgy. The friendly people and sense of prayerful community satisfied our spiritual needs. We are proud to say JOS is our church!

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