What Are We About?

With Jesus as our model and the Scripture as our guide, we live simply and give generously of our time, talent and treasure.
We affirm the dignity of all human life and respond to people’s material and spiritual needs.
We promote justice and peace personally and in partnership with others.
We proclaim and embody the Good News of God’s love for us.
We commit ourselves to shared community leadership, decision-making and accountability.
We pray and forgive with compassion.
We care for and protect all God’s creatures and all God’s creation.
We strive to end discrimination in whatever form it appears.
We encourage participation of people of all ages in our liturgies/ministries proportionate to their abilities.

On behalf of the younger members of JOS, it is a wonderful feeling to be seen and heard as individuals in church rather than a side party as other churches do. We may be younger, but we’re still spiritual people and deserve the same experience.

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