Are Our Priests “Really” Priests?

The priests serving our faith community are validly ordained in the Catholic tradition (if that is important to you), but they are not under the jurisdiction of a local bishop. They are well educated in theology and Scripture. Spouses of the priests that are married generously support their ministries and contribute their own time and talent to the community. The priests’ previous and current service, their experience in various professions, and their many years of marriage and family life expertly qualify them to serve us. They identify with marital issues and family concerns in ways that celibate priests cannot replicate.

We certainly claim validity. The married priesthood was a part of the church until the 12th century. Our liturgies are basically those very same ones that were dear to us since childhood. Recently our community chose a rich, contemporary translation of the Sunday readings that provides powerful insights into the Scriptures. We invite you to visit us any Sunday at 9:30am. All are welcome.

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