The coming one

As Advent wends its way to its annual goal, the unique spirituality of this holy season is reflected in the songs, hymns and sacred texts that inspire and accompany our journey.

These ancient witnesses urge us to be joyful because God is in our midst (Zephaniah, Paul). The psalmist calls us to be thankful as we consider the marvelous deeds God has wrought. These deeds, these blessed comings, punctuate every moment of human history for those who are attentive to the will and the ways of God.

Rather than succumb to anxiety regarding a future that has yet to be revealed, we listen to Paul, who bids us allow the peace of God to guard our hearts and minds.

"Wake up!" we are told. "Be ready! Live in a state of continuous preparedness for the God who comes."

Even though there is a sobering ominousness regarding the coming of the Lord, believers should not allow fear to frustrate their hopes. Nor should those clueless predictors of the end time frighten us to the point that we dread the appearance of God and tremble in paranoia at every big and little misinterpreted "sign" purported to be a signal of the end.

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