Seasons of Prayer

The seasons of the year provide for many people an intuitive metaphor for understanding seasons of our lives. The lyrics to Frank Sinatra’s poignant “September Song” need no explanation: “Oh, it’s a long, long while from May to December/ But the days grow short when you reach September.” Over the years I have found that the seasons also provide a helpful lens through which to describe our lives of prayer. While no two people journey to God in exactly the same way, the metaphor of seasons can give insights into the ups and downs, peaks and valleys, periods of intimacy as well as times of staleness that make up each stage of our spiritual lives.

Spring of Life: Awakening

Spring is a time of blossoming, a season full of promise and possibilities. On a spiritual level, spring involves “waking up” to the discovery of God as personal in a way that is possible only when we have grown into the capacity to fall in love with another. Here we are invited to begin to personally experience God as friend, companion, disciple, beloved daughter or son. Such an awakening can be gradual or abrupt. And it can occur at any time in our lives. Its defining quality is the discovery of God as real.

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