Our Holy Family

As far as we can tell, nothing in Scripture was written exclusively for cloistered religious. We assume our sacred authors had ordinary married people and their children in mind when they composed our biblical writings. The spirituality and theology expressed in them were meant to be lived in a real world populated by real people: husbands, wives, children, grandchildren, men and women who related to one another on a normal, human level. We especially must keep this in mind when we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family.

It's important to remember what Raymond Brown said about biblical annunciations. The late Bible scholar held that such passages were used by our sacred authors to indicate the deeper meaning of what's happening in their writings.

A scriptural annunciation is a literary device, akin to Shakespeare's soliloquies in his plays. Annunciations are inserted into the text for the sake of the audience, not for the sake of the actual people saying or receiving them. If Shakespeare didn't employ soliloquies, we, the audience, would never know what Hamlet or Macbeth was thinking. Without annunciations, we, the readers, would never know what God was doing behind the biblical scenes.

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