Introduction                                                     Bishop Thomas Gumbleton

Good afternoon, and welcome to another presentation by the Elephants.  Our speaker today is Fr. Donald Cozzens from John Carroll University in Cleveland.  Don spoke to us a few years ago, and is here with us again.  First of all, a little bit about his life.  He was born in Cleveland, Ohio and attended Catholic schools there.  And in fact, when he was in first grade - I read this about him - he said, "I knew from the first day in the first grade that I wanted to be a parish priest."  When I read that I kind of laughed, because you heard the joke about God? “You want to make God laugh?  Plan your life.”  Well, Don did; he becomes a parish priest.  He was ordained in 1965, and became a parish priest, but only for six years.  His long life as a priest has included being a teacher, a pastoral psychologist, a seminary rector, and vicar for clergy in the diocese in Cleveland. So much of his life has been in ministry to priests; and he is very, very familiar with the priesthood, its problems and successes, and so on.  He has become kind of an expert on the Catholic priesthood and has published a number of books that started with The Changing Face of the Priesthood.  Then he wrote Sacred Silence:  Denial and Crises in the Church: Faith that Dares to Speak, Freeing Celibacy; and then the book that probably has brought us together today, Notes from the Underground .


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