Christmas At Jesus Our Shepherd


I'd seen your ad in the paper for you Christmas Eve service, and our houseguest's and I attended the service. We were very pleasantly surprised at the content of the service, especially since the wonderful small choir sang the Protestant version of Our Father, a lovely touch for a former member of Marble Collegiate Church, (Reformed Church in America) and folks who were raised Presbyterian. At Marble our Bible teacher was a practicing Catholic nun whose order in France was not under the NY diocese and whose mission was to teach the Bible. Sister Carol was the best teacher I've ever had. She practiced her faith and could teach us our reformed faith, quite a neat trick. My favorite story she told about the disciples was that they were teenagers, filled with testosterone, not old men with halos!

What impressed my guests the most with your church was the warmth of the welcome and the handshakes and hugs they received. They have attended services all over, and this was the first church where they were hugged. Now, that says more about religion than most sermons. My former church prided itself on the warmth of welcome to strangers, and your church surpassed Marble in its personal outreach.

I've read your web pages and am most impressed. It almost reads like you have taken the Catholic Church and created an internal reformation.

With gratitude for a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year,

Kathy Fish

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