A Christmas Reflection On The Manger

I laud the grass that becomes the hay to make the straw.

I praise the tree offering its wood to become the manger.

I honor the donkey bearing a family to safe haven.

I sing of a distant star guiding seekers to truth.

I extol the righteous who protect God's precious gift.

I bless the maiden who brought the Light to light.

See! Each has a unique role to play on this most holy night.

The sheep no less than the angels hosts,

sheepish "baahs" intermingling with heavenly "Glorias"

pungent bovine odors offsetting exotic frankincense.

No thing to humble, no station too low

it fails to respond to a higher calling

to become something more sacred, noble and pure.

At length all eyes turn to the One who remains

at the same time director, producer and lead character

in the title role of "Savior of the World," "Redeemer of humankind,"

"Word-Made-Flesh" and "Splendor of the Most High God:"

a weak, wet, wrinkled, tiny, soft, helpless and innocent Baby.

No mistake here. No miscasting. This infant's well-rehearsed

gurgling and cooing reduce the world to silence.

And we who have far too long considered ourselves

mere spectators to be entertained and amused

by this Christmas pageant, are shocked when the Child

turns to gaze at us as if to say, "Now! Speak your lines!

Play the part for which I have chosen you!"

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