God’s Plea For Tolerance

People of faith, you often show intolerance for those who have beliefs that differ from your own. Who treats you with intolerance? Whom do you disrespect or hate?

Involved are Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus, Sikhs and others too. Your faith in Me unites you all. Divisions come from your beliefs, from different "doctrines" you hold of Me, My Nature and My Will.

People of faith, why don't you see beliefs you hold can help or hurt, can help you live with faith and love and be at peace with others' faiths, or cause divisions, hate and harm?

Examples are the following: Do you think I was blessing you when some of you put slaves to work, as if I loved them less than I love you? When you judged women less than men, as if you are not of equal worth? Or when you launched wars without need, not using diplomatic means, or fought for power, land or gold, or from religious and racial hate?

Do you think I take pleasure in your use of force to prove your point that "We are right and you are wrong". Religious wars bring much sadness to victims and Me, your God. Is it not time to change your ways? You are obstacles to faith for faith-seekers who see your conflicts, your intolerance. Your traditions teach the need to love and to forgive as an ideal to pursue.

Why do you so emphasize your differences? Agree that each and all of you are equally My children loved, and that I desire more love from you, not beliefs that fuel the flames of violence and intolerance. Know faith alone is not enough. With faith place justice and love. Faith is nothing if not expressed in faith-filled actions of mercy and of love. Work together to eliminate hunger, poverty, racism, violence and war.

My Heaven has room for you all. Do not teach that it is just for you or you wont

be there. In my Heaven, people of all faiths share life, are happy that

others are there, have made peace with Earth-enemies and do not argue as to

"Who was right?" That is all I will tell you for now. I view your present and your

past, your glass half empty and half full, your challenges and your opportunities

lost. Be tolerant. Do not harm. Do not be violent in My Name! Respect all my


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