Our Spiritual Adventure

Take a look at the people around you and consider that God created everyone in the divine image. Without exception. Now look at the world and recall how God looked at creation and saw it was good.

Clearly, something has gone terribly awry. Luckily we don't have to single-handedly shoulder the burden of repairing creation, much less of restoring the divine image in people. Jesus accomplished the latter on the cross and gives us the tools to achieve the former.

What remains for us is to absorb this truth into our own lives and relationships so we can share it with others. Rather than concentrate on what divides people : race, religion, ethnicity, politics : we start with what we have in common.

Everyone is on a spiritual quest for a meaningful life. We all long to feel connected to one another, to ourselves, to nature and, if we believe, to God. We have this in common with every human who ever walked the earth, from pre-historic cave-dwellers to CEOs in three-piece suits; from Cleopatra's cupbearer to that annoying neighbor whose inconsiderate oak tree is littering our yard.

Spirituality provides connectedness. Unlike religion, it's about healthy relationships rather than doctrine, rules and rituals. It allows a Christian to befriend a Buddhist, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Jew : even an atheist : without getting bogged down in theological arguments and debates, much less sectarian violence. We listen to learn. Without claiming to be the sole possessors of all truth, we can still boast that our faith has led us to this truth: everyone is a precious child of God.

Tragically, many people do not know or believe this. They feel betrayed, abandoned, isolated and disposable. We may have contributed to their bad experiences. Our own sinfulness need not paralyze us; rather it should spur us to make amends by building bridges of understanding between peoples and cultures, especially those different from our own. Ask people to share what they believe or have experienced to be true, without criticism or advice as to what they should or should not think. Share your own spiritual story. You may be surprised how the image of God becomes clearer... The world is waiting. Make the connection.

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