Watching Jasmine Sleep

Now the snow shadowy just before dark

the trees embrace the heavens

reach toward the twilight sky

all is stillness.

Now in this hour when the wind ceases

the world of black and white stands silent

the sky turns plum color

bare branches of tress interconnect

like all of life.

And Jasmine sleeps

unaware of the wheel turning on itself

unaware of the centuries of women

who came before her bringing life.

I hold her as the first woman held her newborn.

She has taken my heart, this girl, this granddaughter.

She sleeps under the new moon

when one bright star adorns the winter sky.

Tomorrow we must teach her

how all she touches with love will shelter her

like a green canopy of leaves.

Teach her that to hurt another brings hurt to herself.

Compassion creates, hate destroys

and the holy is learned only with great trial.

I want the universe to watch her sleep

and all the cosmos of animals

and searing stars to keep still.

We will not waken her, not yet.

This child lives near God's heart.

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