Gay Marriage

Marriage and family are the most stabilizing forces in society. Why would we deny that to any member of society for society's sake? People in marriage relationships live longer, are happier generally, have more of a stake in community in terms of home ownership, voting, schools, church and social organizations. Why would we deny those who want to contribute to these community stabilizing forces in society simply because they are gay? WE have everything to gain as a society and culture with gay and lesbian people wanting and participating in life-long, committed, intimate marriage relationships.

Why would we deny ourselves these stabilizing couples who invest in each other and in the community? Gay marriage is not any threat at all to marriage; it is rather a strengthening force for the community. As a happily married Catholic man of 35 years, father and grandfather, I welcome gay marriage as another sign that traditional marriage and family are strong and stable. Why else would anyone want to join this "club?"

The real threats to the family and marriage are celebrities who mock life-long commitments by displays that amount to public serial prostitution along red carpets. The real threat is a church that is afraid of intimacy and sexuality. The real threat is acceptance in many places of the degrading of women and children. The real threat comes from those who do not believe in life-long commitments.

We should not be afraid of gay marriages. We should embrace our sisters and brothers who themselves want to embrace our traditional family lifestyle, build and stabilize our community, and engage in all the joys and struggles of life-long intimate commitments. Our personal experience is that whether heterosexual or gay, we all have the same struggle navigating the daily decisions to love one another. We should offer each other the same supports as our sisters and brothers navigate their journeys of intimacy alongside us. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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