Confronted by the light

What once seemed bright

Recedes ashamed into the darkness.

And what lay in shadows

Is transfigured by the sun.

My life becomes as though a twilight

And a dawn.

No longer are old boundaries drawn

For building caskets for the living.

Gone are the walls.

The veil is rent asunder

And I stand alone in nakedness

Before the throne,

Stripped of illusions and delusions,

Motives and desires exposed.

Only a black skeleton of who I am remains,

Bleached in white flames.

Oh, that this tomb

Might be the womb

From which I can emerge

To greet my destiny.

Oh, that this coffin be the cradle

Into which the Spirit breath might blow

On these dry bones,

Scattered upon the desert of my soul,

Making me whole,

A heart of flesh

Created from

This heart of stone.

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