Two ancient cups upon the table

wait for everyone's choice:

two portions :

Eros and Thanatos.

Some scream war : lust gorging on death

not knowing kinship's meaning

while here we are

you holding me with such need

that I tremble at your look, your kiss,

honey flowing through us.

How can they destroy life

tumbling limbs, scattering bodies

across landscapes

when you touch my breast so

welcome and warm

against me?

One cup galls as oily lips close upon the rim.

The bitter portion of war spills blood

upon earth's agony

while the other cup holds

life's deepest communion between lovers

with bright-stained lips of joy.

When spirits soar at the birth-cry of a child,

when echoes from the babe's creation :

I love you,

oh I love you :

resound through life

how can they kill?

Tell me.

How can they?

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