We Will Live Together Or Die Together

From now on everyone on earth must urgently and endlessly strive to prevent World War III. This spectre of annihilation of the human race should bring us all to our knees and to our senses. The bombs and missiles manufactured today are much ore lethal and destructive than those of World War II : of course, they've had sixty years to improve them. People and places would be vaporized. Air, land and water could all be radioactive : perhaps for thousands of years : causing disease, death and deformity. Then when the smoke and dust and dirt have risen to block out the sun, how long will it be before we see the light again, or feel the warmth again?

Now is the time to see the light, while the light can still be seen. We are living in a unique time in the entire history of people. For the first terrible time, our capacity to be evil has overtaken our capacity to endure evil. When the politicians, urged on by the weapons makers, say "Let's have another war!" let's all just say, "Let's not!" Instead, let us say: "We tried war thousands of times, for a million years, and it does not work. It just fills our lives with pain and suffering and misery. War is a wretched, miserable, dreadful thing. Let's try something different this time. For the first time, let's try peace!"

Imagine actually enjoying being human and living at peace in the company of your fellow humans all over the world. They say peace begins with justice, so we'll have to start there. Let's give it a serious effort and see what happens. What have we to lose? And what have we to gain? Anything is better than World War III : that would be hell on earth!

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