It’s not just Paris

As an evil slime spreads over so much of the world, we stare in amazement. Where did this come from? How can this happen? Who is guiding this?
The Paris numbers are sickening: 132 dead and 430 injured. Perpetrators: Daesh, or ISIL. Then there is Kenya, where 147 died and 79 were injured at Garissa University College. Perpetrators: Al-Shabaab.

There are more. During the past few months, suicide bombers left 43 dead and 240 wounded in Beirut, Lebanon; 102 dead and 508 wounded in Ankara, Turkey; 57 dead and an unknown number wounded in Baghdad, Iraq.

As ISIL, Al-Shabaab, and similar groups of hooligans run rampant through civilization, they are joined by young men (and, increasingly, young women) bent on changing, ending, or stopping whatever it is about Western culture they believe is infecting their own.

On the one hand it is about some crazy warfare, on the other it is rooted in a disregard for human life.

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