Synod fathers should relish the uncertainty

Midway through the general assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the family, confusion, if not chaos, reigns, to paraphrase a synod father. And in that confusion is fear, fear of uncertainty and the unknown.

Well, bishops, our brothers, welcome to family life. Seemingly without knowing it, you have stumbled upon a key experience of being in and raising a family: uncertainty.

Don't fear it, synod fathers. Relish it. This is how families live.

Parents know uncertainty so well. Watching a child toddle off to preschool or kindergarten that first time. Watching a son or daughter plunge headlong into academics or sports or theater in high school. What will she encounter? Will he be safe? The fear of sitting beside a sickbed or in intensive care, not really knowing if it will be all right. The first solo drive. The -- gasp -- first date. Where will that lead?

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