Peacocks in the headlights

Who can help us think about the world, about women, about church? How about William Butler Yeats in his 1919 poem, "The Second Coming":


"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
 Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,"

There is no explanation for the so-called Islamic State's claim at a worldwide caliphate, except history. "Soldiers" of the Ottoman Empire beheaded hundreds of thousands of Christians in the 14th century and murdered nearly 4 million Greek, Armenian, Syrian and other Christians at the turn of the 20th. Hundreds of thousands suffered deportation, forced conversion and death in the intervening centuries. Today, there is video of a multiracial force of thugs marching 15 Syrian Army captives toward their finish line. This newest entry to the annals of history has high production values and zero moral capacity. The marching thugs each took a short knife, lined up, and in unison beheaded their prey. Yeats wrote of things falling apart, of anarchy loosed upon the world just after World War I. We see the video in advance of World War III. The center cannot hold.

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