The Nation’s Budget Is A Moral Document

We need to speak out against the harmful budget plan going through Congress : a plan that hurts the most vulnerable in our society while increasing funds for the military and continuing corporate subsidies and tax loopholes. (Why are we still subsidizing multinational oil corporations that are reporting record profits?) In addition to cutting many critical and time-proven programs directly impacting the lives, and even survival, of the poorest people, this budget singles out particular programs that help low-income families and cuts these the most.

As members of Congress continue the debate, they are moving from the neglect of the poor to the targeting of the poor. Theologically, this is an assault against the very people whom God specifically instructs us to protect, and whose well-being is the biblical test of a nation's righteousness.

People of faith united in prayer and committed to action need to speak out for vulnerable people at this crucial time in our political history. It matters not whether we vote Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc.. It matters greatly that we Christian people have the duty to help the poor, not neglect or target them. What would Jesus cut from this nation's budget?

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