Women United For Peace

To President Bush and the Congress of the United States:

As women embracing life and peace, we declare ourselves opposed to any military action against Iraq, particularly preemptive action. As women, we have bee the victims of many kinds of violence and we call upon you, our president and Congress members, to oppose this war.

We make this demand for ourselves, our sons and daughters, our parents, brothers, husbands and friends.

We make this demand because we understand that warfare creates endless cycles of violence, destruction and death, impoverishing us spiritually, politically, ecologically and economically.

We make this demand because this war will destroy family life, throwing whole communities into exile and turning children into orphans.

We make this demand because we cannot build happy lives on a ground polluted by violence nor in a world divided by hatreds.

We believe this is a defining moment in the life of the United States. We will either take our place in the family of nations as seekers of peace and justice or we will continue down a terrible road of violence, unleashing the fury of generations to come upon us. We call on you, our government representatives, to act with integrity, to show courage, and to remember that you are guardians of the public trust of the world we leave to our children.

We oppose this war. We oppose all elected officials who support this war. No past stand or history can be called upon to overshadow the imperative to stand today for peace. WE, as women acting to shape public life, dedicate our energy, resources and hopes to those who establish peace.

There will be no war in our names. If you want our support and votes, stop this war!

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