Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity
Trinity Sunday - May 27th, 2018
Rev. Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg

Trinity Sunday is one of my favorite Sundays. We are going to look at the three
persons in the Holy Trinity: the Creator, the Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit.
This Sunday is important because I am able to reflect on the characteristics of
the three parts that are together All In One. I hope this will help all of you
to think about God in new ways.

God, the Creator, or God the Father and/or God the Mother helps us to remember
that God brought us to life in the beginning and continues to help us grow and
develop over our lifetime. In Deuteronomy god says that we will prosper and
have a long life forever. It is a comforting thought that god is always with us,
always around us, and a God that will be with us when doubts and stress
overcome us. I suggest that the thought of God as a Mother/Father because we
can remember we were protected by our parents or parent and we were loved.
If you did not having a loving Mother or Father in your growing up years, perhaps
now is the time to embrace the Holy Parent who loves you, loves me, and loves
the homeless, the poor, the neglected, and the lost. We need to be open to the
loving Mother/Father God.

God the Spirit can be a mysterious yet exciting dimension of God. My first
experience of being in a Spirit filled group was my early experience in the
Charismatic movement at the local Catholic church. The gifts of the Spirit were
very visible, were manifested and were joyful. People were speaking in tongues,
singing in tongues, and prophesying. For many people, a charismatic prayer group
might seem unusual at first. But many miracles happened.

People can be led by the Spirit at home or anywhere. It is the Spirit that
illuminates solutions to problems. The Spirit can help us to relax and be
refreshed. The Spirit can help the free Spirit inside of us to pray without
words so we can entreat God to nurture us and to heal us.

Jesus has become a very important part to all of us. Jesus, the Redeemer, shows
us the way to grow, extend, and love unconditionally. When I was young it was
difficult for me to love Jesus, as a brother because my brother was always playing
tricks on me. Perhaps some of you had a brother like mine, or maybe you had a
caring brother who watched over you. Jesus/the Redeemer welcomes all of us,
teaches us, helps us to extend ourselves to others and welcomes us home. Jesus
is central to our prayer when we remember his breaking of the bread and changing
wine into Jesus's blood during Mass we celebrate each week.

The second part of today's message begins by thinking of all of the people in this
church who were part of the military which we celebrate this weekend. Perhaps
you were part of the military or the National Guard who served and protected us.
Perhaps serving in the military was part of your family history. Perhaps you or
your family worked during the war effort in the early forty's making engines/tanks/
or in shipyards. My dad worked at Waukesha Motors seven days a week/twelve hour day.

In battle, military service people were not always thinking of the three units of
the Holy Trinity. I am sure that God was the entity that service people and the
families of these service people, the workers who labored for the war effort called
upon God to help in any needs. It was God that responded to all with dignity,
safety, and bravery as they fought for our country and their loved ones.

Today we continue to support our military now; those who have served in the past;
and the families who supported them.

I ask all present military members, those who have served in the past, and family
members who supported them to Stand Up. I ask that the Creator, the Redeemer,
and the Holy spirit to bless them now.

I also ask that we invoke the Holy Trinity to bless our nation, our Congressional
leaders, our President, plus state and local leaders and church leaders.

Please stand up and raise your hands in a blessing to all of us as we the leaders
in our community.

May God the Creator
May God the Redeemer
And God the Holy Spirit bless us and our community at Jesus Our Shepherd.

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