The Last Shall Be First

When you were a child, did you complain that your brothers or sisters or cousins go more presents and more favors or that those other children in school had better clothes or shoes? All of us at one time or another have felt cheated that we did not get the time and attention we deserved. We can laugh about some of the conflicts we felt growing up. Sometimes we get attacked to the hurts. The main point in today's Gospel is that God gives freely and beyond measure to all of us. It is not for us to judge.

Remember the story of the Prodigal son and the elder brother. This elder brother complained about having to do work on the farm and his brother left and had a wonderful time. On top of that the parent welcomed the younger brother back home and held a celebration. The parent/God wanted only the best for both of his sons. The love of the Father/Mother/god was important. God blessed both brothers.

I remember my father telling me about our ancestors coming from Ireland. During the large migration from Ireland to the US colonies, the Irish were very poor from the terrific potato famine and the English government not allowing the people to practice their Catholic Faith. When they came to New York and surround area, there were signs in the windows of factories, shops, and apartment buildings that read Irish Are not Wanted There!

People were afraid that the new Irish immigrants would take away jobs from those already here. Those already living in New York had so quickly forgotten that they had been immigrants in the past. Perhaps, we should look with new eyes at the current situation in the United States when the DREAMERS are threatened with returning the land of origin. I believe that God gives everyone blessings as God sees fit. The landowner in the Gospel gave without measure to the people who worked the land and worked hard.

We were all immigrants at one time or another. Our ancestors came from all over the world. We often believe that if we do what is right, feed the poor and orphans, and pray daily, God will reward us. But we must remember that God gives the rewards. God gives god things, and we will receive the reward of divine life.

There is another story I want to tell. A member of my family was in prison for a time. Now that person is out and looking for a job. This person is a felon. Before this happened, I used to say that everyone that went to prison deserved it. I never thought or cared about anyone in that situation. Does God love the person less because that person went to Jail? Does god want society to make it more difficult for the felon to work and to change?

God views each individual as God”s child. Should we value someone less because they were incarcerated? Should we value someone less because they are of a different race, different economic status, or are handicapped? Only God can decide.

Martha did not understand that Mary had a special place listening to Jesus's teaching. She complained about having to do the work alone. God gifted Mary in a special way.

Each of us has our own tasks in life that are important. We must do the tasks faithfully.

God grants everyone mysterious blessings as God sees fit.

Do not complain about others but be grateful that we are loved by God in so many ways.

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