Trinity Sunday

There was this married couple sitting at their breakfast table one Saturday morning before going out to the golf course where they played 18 holes every week. Of course they were both avid golfers! Out of the blue, the wife asked her husband a question: “Honey, if I were to die and you were to remarry, would the two of you live here in this house?” “I suppose so,” said the husband, “it's paid for.” “What about our car?” the wife continued. The husband replied, “I suppose so. It's also paid for.” “Well then, what about my gold clubs?” the wife continued. “Heck no,” replied the husband. “She's left-handed!”

At times we all talk too much and we listen too little. We fill our lives with chatter and end up making foolish mistakes. In the process, we often miss out on really important matters. So today, as we celebrate this feast of the Most Holy Trinity, we need to pause. It's time to stop talking, to become very, very quiet and stand in silence at the abundance and goodness of our Loving God.

Be still and observe the Creator of the universe bringing forth new things before our very eyes: this morning's blooming flowers, this evening's amazing sunset, newborn infants and ourselves – for we are each and all works in progress, far from being completed. Yes, our universe continues to grow and mature, good things are constantly tumbling forth from the hands of our Creator, Be still. Listen. Give thanks!

Be still and see the Son of God, Jesus the Christ, who at this moment continues to heal us, to set us free from what ever enslaves us and diminishes our lives. Where might we be this day if Jesus was not helping us by word and example time and time again? Be still. Listen. Give thanks!

Be still and listen to the promptings of the Spirit of God dwelling within us – our daily, unending Source of wisdom and courage. This Spirit quietly guides and directs us, challenges and comforts us, points the Way of Jesus and helps us move forward, step by step. Be still. Listen. Give thanks!

Finally, remember we are each and all made in the image of this Loving God, Creator, Healer and Spirit. This fact spells out our very mission in life. We too are meant to co-create with God, making this world of ours more beautiful and more precious, helping heal the physical and spiritual illness in ourselves and in others, promoting healthier relationships in our lives..

So with bowed heads, we pray: Gracious God, Creator, Healer and Indwelling Spirit, You tell us we are made in your very image and likeness. That is our spiritual DNA. May we always be true to You and true to ourselves. Help us be still. Help us listen to your quiet promptings. Help us be a people of thankfulness. AMEN!

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