Mothers’ Day

We offer this Mass on Mothers’ Day for all the mothers in our congregation, whether they are alive or have gone to their eternal reward.
There is a beautiful Spanish proverb which reads as follows:

“An ounce of mother is better than a pound of clergy.” Oh how true! We all know that the word “mom” is synonymous with sacrificial love, agape love, in its purest form, the love which God has for each of us and that which Jesus called us to imitate him when, in his farewell speech he said: “Love one another not as you love yourself but rather as I have loved you”.

On this Mothers’ Day, is the ideal time to remind ourselves that none of us is able to repay our mother in equal measure for all the love she has gifted us with and made it possible for us to serve God to the best of our abilities. There is no better time than today to thank her by way of our love and show her our gratitude in the form of gifts and fervent prayers.

When Giuseppe Sarto, who later became Pope Saint Pius X was ordained a bishop, he experienced a little touch of vanity as he proudly held up his hand to his loving mother said, “Mother, look at my Episcopal ring.” His mother, being a strong Italian peasant, responded by holding up her elderly and worn hand bearing her beat-up wedding ring and said,

“If it were not for this ring and the love it signifies, you would not have your Episcopal ring.”

In a similar way, after Jesus’ resurrection, if like the bishop Jesus had a touch of vanity, (which I don’t believe he ever had) he could have said to his mother, The Blessed Virgin, “Mother, look what I have provided everyone, that which no person ever has, nor ever will, the ideal formulae for living, loving and dying.” His mother, a strong loving faithful Jewish girl could have said to Jesus something like the mother of Pope Pius X said to her son, “When I was a young girl, Archangel Gabriel appeared to me and offered me the opportunity to be the mother of the Messiah. I first questioned him on how that could be done in that I wasn’t married. St. Michael assured me that nothing is impossible for God. I then agreed by saying that I am the Lord’s servant, I truly love God, let it happen as you have proposed.” The door was then open for Jesus to become the Messiah. It was by way of Mary’s love for God, that door was open.

Who can ever take the place of the Blessed Virgin, or the mother of a Pope or the mother of anyone of us? God has given each of us the blessing of our individual mothers. Let’s thank God for every ounce of them and the many gifts they have brought into our lives.

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