Acts of the Apostles – Went to Jerusalem

Peter, John, James, Andrew, Philip, Thomas, Bartholomew. Matthew, Simon -
-Some women
-Mary the Mother of Jesus
People, men, and women gathered to pray after the traumatic happening Jesus ascending to heaven.
All they could do is pray.
They could barely comprehend what had happened. Stress over came them and united them
They were praying for strength to calm themselves because they had just experienced a great loss they did not understand.
Imagine being in a war situation and everyone around them was a possible casualty.
Imagine being home and waiting for a military vehicle to come to your front door.
Imagine protesters mocking the soldiers coming home from Vietnam.
We all must pray daily that wars will not breakout around the world.
We all must pray for peace in our hearts so we do not become violent to others.
We must all pray daily, even hourly that peace will prevail in our world.
Let us bow our heads and pray for one minute in silence that violence and hatred will end.

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