Luke 17:5-10

A little boy had been studying religion at catechism and when he got home, he had some questions for his mother. “Is it true,” he asked her, “that we all come from dust?” “Why, yes,” said mom. “We all come from dust.” “And is it true that when we die, we all go back to dust?” “Why, yes. That's also true. We all go back to dust. But just why are you asking these questions?” The boy responded, “Well, mom, in my bedroom under my bed, it looks like someone's coming or someone's going!”

Yes, there's a lot of comings and goings in all our lives – lots of little births and deaths marking our life journeys. Ask any first grader, anyone working a farm, any business person. Ask your neighbor, your doctor, your grocer. They're all likely to say that although life is a gift, it's also a roller coaster – with lots of ups and downs, with a seemingly endless succession of highs and lows, laughing and crying, triumphs and tragedies, happiness and sadness. It's all very confusing, and at times it can bring us to the point where we feel we haven't anything left in us to continue.

So just how do we keep on going? How do we make something precious and valuable out of this odd assortment of life experiences? What life so often demands of us to be, to do, to give, to endures seems impossible. But that's only if we're on the road of life alone, without support. Yet, we're never alone.

Listen for a moment. Let's Quiet our minds. Focus on our breathing – breathing out, breathing in. Feel the oxygen traveling into and out of our lungs. Feel our pulse as our life blood courses through our veins and arteries. Look outside the windows of this Chapel at God's magnificent creation of trees, grasses, animals both wild and domesticated. View the many moods of the sky. Look around yourselves at the people of this faith community who come to pray and sing and worship alongside you every Sunday, who engage with you in fellowship conversation over coffee and bakery.

Through all this and much more, God is whispering to you. God is saying “You are not alone. I am with you and I love you. This life of yours and all the people and places and everything around you – these are my gifts to you. So trust me. You see the evidence of my love. Open your heart so I can be your comfort and strength in good times and in bad. Slowly and surely through your trusting me, I will make you whole and there will be nothing you cannot do, nothing you cannot survive. So... trust me!”

That's what God is telling us. That's all God wants: our trust! What's our response? How's this: “Yes, I do trust you. I entrust my very life to your good care. I know there's nothing we together cannot accomplish, no problem we cannot solve, no task we cannot complete. Together, we can do it all!” Oh, and by the way, don't bother with that dust under the bed. In the big picture, it's not important! AMEN!

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