Mother’s Day

These readings about the Ascension are very joyous and very full of hope. It is very fitting that we pray and reflect about these readings because it is Mother's Day. When I talk about Mother's Day I am referring to our own biological mother, step mothers, grandmothers, special aunts, and other special women who have given of themselves that have helped us when we were growing us and continue to help us.

I am reminded that these mothers/special women continue to help us now or are praying for us if they are deceased. In my case I remember my mother and grandmother with great joy because they prayers are flooding my life and are helping me with insights of brilliance that are guiding my life now and for years to come.

I am reminded of a conversation I had with my daughter yesterday .Julie called me up and was breathless with anxiety. She was chasing her daughter/my granddaughter and the nail on her big toe ripped nearly off. There was blood everywhere, Sophia and just peed on the floor, and was then playing in the cleaning product Julie was using on the carpet. Julie asked me to come over. By the time I arrived the toe was bandaged, Sophia had a diaper on, and the carpet looked soaking wet from attempted cleaning.

Julie looked at me and said, "I am so glad you came over because I really needed my mother. Julie had not expressed directly the real need of wanting me and needing me for a long time. I was overcome with joy.

I would like to shift to the Ascension stories in the readings of today. At this time the Christian community was trying to make sense of the murder of Jesus, his rising from the dead, his appearance to the disciples, and now his rising into heaven to be with his Father/Mother God. Each family and extended family was trying to make sense of the extraordinary events of the loved one, Jesus. Great traumatic events were happening all around them and they did not have ihe reporters and news channels to help them. Family members had to rely on reports of the leaders of the Christian community and gatherings of other Christians to understand what was happening. No one knew for sure of what was happening.

I believe it was the parents, am today I am going to refer to the mothers in the family, to try to comfort the children in the family that everything was going to be alright. There must have been great joy to know that all of them were invited to be with Jesus in heaven or a great place where joy would abound. They would experience the joy of God's presence after they would die. Loneliness and grief from losing Jesus would be gone away because each family member would be joining him.

All I can think of is the word JOY. The mothers, who understood, would dance life's dance and joy would replace feelings of abandonment.

Today is a day when we celebrate joy because we know that will be coming to all of us when we reach the heaven that we cannot imagine. Mothers and fathers; grandparents and aunts, stepmothers, and loving women in our lives should teach and dance the joy that is with us all of time because Jesus has ascended to heaven to greet us when our time is finished on this earth. Great joy is happening now and greater joy will be coming.

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