Luke 9:11-17

A young man was walking along the beach early one morning when he saw a lamp half buried in the sand. He picked it up, brushed off the sand and rubbed his hands on it to clean off the dirt. Suddenly, a genie popped out and offered him one wish to come true. The man couldn't believe his luck, but he knew he had to be very careful because he had only one wish. Leaving the beach with lamp in hand, he got in his car, all the time considering thoughtfully what he would request from the genie sitting next to him. The radio went on when he turned the key to start the motor. A commercial was playing and he started singing along, “Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener... that is what I'd really like to be...”

There's a messiness to life. We rarely go forward in a straight line. Try as we may to keep things in order, we seldom do. Even the best among us gets caught off-guard by our thoughtlessness or simply by what we call bad fortune. Back in school we study for hours... for the wrong test! We arrive at our destination precisely on time...for next week's wedding! We drive an hour to our downtown job... on a Sunday morning! We build the house of our dreams and then wonder what we were thinking of. We spend a fortune on our kids' education: he's now a surfer in Tahiti; she's a waitress at a mall restaurant. The list goes on and on.

Yes, life can be wonderful – no doubt! But at times it can be very...confusing, leaving us weary and exhausted. That's why today's feast is good for us: the feast of Corpus Christi, the Body of Christ. Jesus the Christ understands how confused we get, how lonely and hungry our hearts can be. He knows our human experiences not from a distance but because he himself lived them as one of us, as a human being; and he felt things more profoundly than any of us. Jesus gives himself to us each and every Sunday when the Bread upon this Table is blessed, broken and consumed by us spiritually hungry people. This Bread, this Corpus Christi, becomes our food, filling our emptiness, sustaining our loneliness, satisfying our spiritual hunger for the deeper meaning of our lives. For many of us, life is a long journey, and the Bread of Jesus keeps us strong and purposeful.

The Eucharist Bread and Cup we share this morning is Jesus' own life-long promise to each of us: “I'll always be here for you!” We really don't need that magic genie popping out from the half-buried lamp on the beach. Jesus stands by his Promise. His Body and Blood become Food and Drink for us pilgrims on our sometimes confusing and oftentimes troublesome journey home. Corpus Christi is all we need to make sense of the messiness of our human lives. Let's not starve ourselves when Jesus' generosity is so evident, feeding us abundantly. AMEN!

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