Grandmother Annie

She had five children, excuse me, six children. Catherine died when she was 16.
Annie was a very hard worker and worried about what she could feed her children.
In the middle of her kitchen she had a large trap door that opened into a large root cellar.
There were jars of fruit and vegetables she had canned. There were also potatoes, apples, and other cans of food she was storing.
My grandfather always ate first before Annie and the children. She always worried if there was going to be enough.
Each time she was low on food she would open the root cellar to see what she could find.
Annie, my grandmother always trusted in God to provide for her family.
I wish that I could trust God as much as my grandmother.
Being a priest makes life much more difficult because my family tells me that a priest should always believe.
Where is my root cellar?
Where is my root cellar?

Perhaps I need to find a place where I know that God will answer my prayers.

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