Light and Darkness

I remember when I was a young girl I used to like to play Red Light/Green Light especially when it was in the evening. A group of us would gather in the back yard and play on until it actually became dark. I remember how scary it would be when you could see trees and bushes as unfamiliar shapes. There was a thrill inside when you knew you were on edge of the mysterious. Dark would settle in around us and we became too afraid to play anymore.

We, too, can live our lives living on edge of darkness knowing that we do actions are not quite right. We do not speak the words of caring and compassion that are words of the Light because we know that people will not hear us or judge us. We do not focus our energy on things of the Light because we all live with some selfishness and anger.

All of us here know ourselves so well that we know of times we linger in the in between darkness of and Light. These are times that I believe we are called to look at during this Lenten season.

Nicodemus was a religious leader who was searching at night to see what Jesus was all about. Was he afraid to come during the day so that people would see him or did he come at night because he was searching for a way to talk to Jesus and not be seen? After the meeting Nicodemus became a person of the Light and took risks by bringing spices to give Jesus a proper burial. He could have continued in the darkness because he was afraid. But he became a prophet to the people.

Today’s scripture, by John, says this: “God Light streamed in the world, but men and women everywhere ran for the darkness. They went for the darkness because they were not really interested in pleasing God.”

We have to ask ourselves are we afraid of the Light because we do not know what might lie ahead. That is a true fear because society has not been kind to prophets. All of us are prophets when we stand up for the disadvantaged, the elderly, and the person in our family who is misunderstood, and the poor in our world who are dying from lack of food and medical care. All of us can be people of the Light when we care for others, who are hurting, grieving, panicking, and downright scared.

For me I have to acknowledge the times when I am living on edge of darkness and Light and know that I need to change. I am very comfortable living as I am. Lent is a time when you and I ask God to shine a brilliant light into our hearts and mind and show us with clarity what we need to change to become more God like. In Ephesians God says that all we have to do is to trust God because all the grace and kindness we need will be showered down on us. “Saving is all God’s idea, and all of God’s work.”

I wish all us to be uncomfortable with parts of our life and open our minds to the Light around us. What could be change? What will we see? How will be act when we open our lives to the Light and turn away from darkness? Do I want to be a prophet to others?

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