Gospel of Mark 11:1-10

In the first part of today’s Gospel we hear the description of the royal reception which Jesus received from his admirers. They paraded 2 miles with him from the Mount of Olives to the city of Jerusalem. Would you have joined that parade or would you have joined the parade described in the second part of the Gospel when Jesus was being paraded from jail to Golgotha? Joining either of them or both of them is our choice.

Some 300 years after the time of Jesus, the father of Constantine, Constantius who had no love for Christians was the emperor. When he, Constantius came power he discovered that many Christians held important jobs in the government and in the court. So he issued an executive order to all those Christians. “Either give up your faith in Jesus or give up your jobs.” The majority of Christians gave up their jobs rather than disowning Jesus. Only a few cowards gave up their faith rather than lose their jobs. To many of his subjects’ surprise, Constantius was pleased with the majority who showed the courage of their convictions and he gave them their jobs back saying: “If you will not be loyal to your God you will not be loyal to me either.”

Today we join the Palm Sunday parade in spirit to declare our loyalty to Jesus and fidelity to his teachings by actively participating in this Sunday liturgy. As we carry the palm branches to our homes, we are declaring our choice to accept Jesus as the ideal guide in our lives and in the lives of our family. Let’s express our gratitude to Jesus for his willingness to suffer and die rather than recant any of the truths he had professed.

Welcome to the parade, the royal reception of Jesus, joining him on his journey home to his God and our God even though some day it might cost us our jobs or more.

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