Listening to God

Do you have trouble listening to God? More importantly after God has spoken do you do what God asks?

When I was a young mother, I put my daughter, Kate, to bed in a crib for a nap. She was a year and a half. I sat down to relax and then I heard a voice telling me to check on Kate. I had never heard such a message before because it was not audible to the ear. I just heard it in my head. A few minutes later I heard the same message a bit louder in my head, “Check on Kate”. I still did not do anything because I knew that she was fine. She was in her crib and could not climb out. A third time I heard the same message with more intensity than before, “Check on Kate”. I got up quickly and went into her bedroom. She was standing up but it was obvious that something was wrong. She was choking on something. I reached into her mouth and pulled out the sock she was choking on. I could only grab the top part of her sock because the rest was lodged in her throat and interfering with her breathing. She had taken the sock off of her foot and shoved it into her mouth. I thanked God over and over because God sent me three messages to rescue her. Since then I have always taken off socks with my other daughter and grandchildren when I put them to bed. I also am more careful to listen to recognize if God is speaking to me.

Just telling you this story makes be very aware and grateful that I listened to God and then acting on the Word. After that experience I listen very closely when a thought comes to me, when a person comes to mind, or when something unusual comes to my attention.

In the first reading today Samuel was sleeping in the temple where the ark of God was located when God called to Samuel. He immediate went to Eli and asked what Eli wanted. Eli told Samuel to go back to sleep. After three times of God speaking to Samuel, Eli told him to say, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening”.

I want to suggest to all of us that God called each of us many times. What are the signs that God has called us many, many times? These signs can be repetitious but we do not notice them. The signs continue until they become so loud and so obvious we cannot ignore them. People may come to mind over and over. Often these are messages from God that we should contact them. Sometimes my anger keeps flaring up over a situation or person and I do not want address because it may be uncomfortable.

We all hear messages from God in different ways. Sometimes we hear unspoken but heard messages. How do we act? Sometimes God speaks through feelings. If we become uncomfortable and nervous about a certain situation, what is God trying to tell us? People sometimes report that fear or uncertainty occur just before a possible dangerous driving hazard occurs. Some slow down or go another route.

God speaks to us all of the time. I believe that God wants us listen to the message and act upon it.

Can you give some examples the times God gave you messages and how they changed your life in small ways and large ways?

Call to the priesthood.

Call to go to school.

Keep our ears open and increase our determination willing to act on these messages.


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