Wearing the Perfect Garment

Remember the times you were invited to a birthday party. You and I were so excited that we could not wait for the days to pass. If you were a girl, more than likely you wondered what you were going to wear. When we are invited to different parties, weddings, and holiday gatherings, we have to decide if we can or will go to party and then we need to decide what we might wear. The part of the Gospel I am going to reflect on today concerns how we decide if we are going to the party, why I might be going to the party, and what will I wear to the party.

In today’s Gospel story a King gave a wedding feast for his Son. Matthew writes that the King is God and the Son is Jesus. It is interesting to note that the King invited many guests, but they refused to come. The question for us is: Do we want to come to God with all of our hearts and all of our minds? Is our focus on God at all times? Are we concerned who might be at the party? There might be some people that are different than us. Some of them might be in recovery from alcohol and drugs. Some of them might be coming out of prisons. Some of them might be prostitutes and thieves. If we go to the party people might associate us with THAT KIND OF PEOPLE. All of us have wondered at times who might be at a certain party or gathering and wonder what others might think. If we are honest we all have refused to go to a gathering or lawful gathering because we might worry who might see us.

God might be at the party we are asked to attend. God might be asking for us to talk or listen to a certain persons or persons that might explain God’s Kindom. God is calling us many times to stretch or minds with different ideas of what the Kindom might look like. God might be calling us to change our activities and actions so we can be worthy to be with God forever. I am not saying that we have to be perfect all of our lives because that is impossible. But God is asking us always to improve our minds and hearts and come to Kingdom to learn and change. A song says it another way: Come to the water, come and be healed. The message is clear. When we are asked by God to come to the party, or Kingdom we should always go.

When the King asked a second time for the guests to arrive, he sent his servants to go to their homes and request they come. As you heard, some went away; some went to their farms, and some to their businesses. Some even killed the servants who came with the message. Many of the prophets today are killed when they come with a message from God to hear what God wants to say to them. Many are not famous or well known but they are killed or mistreated or talked about maliciously when they tell others the way God wants them to act.

Further in the Gospel a man comes and does not have the right garment. I found out in preparing this Gospel that the King or any ruler provides the garment to all who come. One man refused to wear the garment. By not wearing this garment that the King provided, was a directly dishonor to the King. The guest was deliberately disrespectful. God has given all of us a cloth of honor at our baptism. Do we constantly try to keep God’s laws and go above the standard of holiness that is expected of us? Do we go beyond all standards of decency and make every effort to keep our souls and mind clean, holy, and try to be merciful? Do we reach out to others in need to remind ourselves that Jesus always cares for us and the poor? Do we love ourselves and care for ourselves properly because God created us? Many of us help others but fall down when we do not care for ourselves.

Our garment that we wear to “weddings” should be worn at all times so we are always ready to be the person that God wants us to be. As we put our clothes on everyday in the morning, remembering that the garment of God is another garment that we wearing each day. There are invitations daily to come to God. It is our task to listen for the invitation and respond no matter where the invitation comes from.

We are called to be prophets and attendees at events that are called by God. Be always prepared. Soldiers always keep their guns clean and ready as a reminder that they too should be always be prepared. Keep your garment clean, bright, and ever ready to hear God’s call.

Amen and Amen

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