Sunday Homily

{He’s got the whole world in His hands, He’s got {Sisters} – {Brothers} What word or idea comes to mind when you hear and/or sing these words? Some suggestions might be: creation, theology, spirituality, anthropology, ecology, environment, cosmology, cosmos. My choice is creation. We look out the windows here and we see, hear, smell, sense, later perhaps, we go to taste and touch the creation around us. From the various natural sciences, we know the universe is 14 billion years old. Its boundaries and limits and distances are all but incomprehensible, and thus still unknown. And according to the physicist, Stephen Hawking, there is the possibility of annihilation at any time. How and why are we humans so special on this planet or in this area of the universe? From the first book of the Bible, Genesis, we have learned that the human race has been elevated above other creatures. However, from the crowning glory of creation, certain groups within the human family are becoming its most destructive presence. Need we remind ourselves that animals and creatures of all kinds have senses, memories, feelings of pain, joy and happiness and are endowed with basically good instincts? Why can’t we allow them to continue sharing the goodness of this earth? Why must species be slaughtered and prepared for human consumption and/or pleasure until many die out? To go with the plundering of earth’s natural resources, we have all the negative situations of poverty, ethnic hostilities, prejudices, hatreds and diseases. To go with the two great commandments, that is, love of God and love of neighbor, we should be thinking about adding a third: love of the natural world around us. A negative expression has it, “We’re praying for a trapdoor when we’ve hit rock bottom”. One thinker has developed the concept of “excarnation”, the leaning toward self-centeredness and self-deception. More positively, we are past the Mesozoic and Cenozoic Eras, when life appeared and flourished. We are now in the Ecozoic Era when we must stop the lethal or deadly exploitation of our sacred home. Nothing positive will happen without human involvement. Ours is to accept, protect, and to foster this creation.
We’ll close with some final thoughts. {Home} Amen

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