Luke 2:1-14

Forget the tinsel, the Christmas lights, the wreaths and garlands. Forget the hams and turkeys cooking in ovens. Yes, forget even the gifts, the hugs and kisses exchanged as we greet each other in our homes and churches this Christmas. Forget it all!

Here is what we really want to know: We want to know how long God's love for us will last. Will God really love us forever? Not just on Sunday mornings or Christmas when we're at our best, at church wearing nice clothes and smiles. We want to know how God feels about us when we're jerks. Not when we're energized and ready to tackle world hunger and injustice. Not then! We know God likes us then. Why, we even like us then.

We want to know how God feels about us when we snap at anything that moves and curse anyone getting in our way. We want to know how God feels about us when our thoughts are in the gutter, when our tongues are sharp enough to cut a rock, when we break promises we've made, when we're drowning in bad habits! Then, how does God feel about us?

We want to know: Is there anything that can separate us from the love of God? Anything at all? Look here at the stable scene that we blessed this evening. There's our answer!

So we'd see God's answer, God lit a bright star in the night sky. So we'd hear God's answer, God filled the night with choir and song . So we'd believe God's answer, God does what no one in human history ever dreamed possible: God becomes human flesh and blood and lives among us. God embraces us tenderly and says convincingly: "You are my special delight!"

And so we are!

- Adapted from Max Lucado's One Incredible Moment

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